The Westerheide Construction Team

Tom Westerheide, CEO

Westerheide Construction - Tom Westerheide

Phone: 937-538-0206

Tom is the second generation and was the Owner from 1972 - 2012. He continues to work as the CEO.

Jay Westerheide, President / Owner

Westerheide Construction - Jay Westerheide

Phone: 937-538-0208

Jay began as a full time employee in 1997. He became President and Owner in 2012.

Mark Safreed / Estimator

Phone: 937-492-7432

Mark joined WCC in 2013 as our estimator/project manager.

Andy Wiford, Project Manager

Westerheide Construction - Alex Fullenkamp Phone: 937-492-7432
Andy joined WCC in November of 2016 as a Project Manager. Andy brings with him 15 years of experience in the construction industry. 

 Dawn Roberts, Administrative Assistant

Phone: 937-492-4797

Dawn joined WCC in August of 2014. 

Mark Buehler, Supervisor

Westerheide Construction - Mark Buehler

Phone: 937-710-3241

Mark joined us at WCC in 1988 as a supervisor, and has over 30 years experience in construction.

Justin Smith, Supervisor

Westerheide Construction - Justin Smith

Phone: 937-538-1497

Justin has been with WCC since 2002 and became a Supervisor in 2010.

Festus Kuch, Supervisor

Westerheide Construction - Festus Kuch Phone: 937-210-1982
Festus has been employed with Westerheide Construction since 1999. He became a Supervisor in 2014.

Alex Fullenkamp, Supervisor

Westerheide Construction - Alex Fullenkamp Phone: 937-638-2177
Alex joined Westerheide Construction in 2013, and became a Supervisor in 2016.